About Me

Hey there, John Trenker here.

I created this site because I had problems with sleeping. It was not that I did not sleep enough, I slept 8 hours or more, but I was still tired in the morning.

So I asked myself, how could it be? How can I be tired in the morning after 8 hours when others perform on 6 hours or less.

I wanted to know how to sleep better. So I researched and found out about deep sleep and relaxation. So the way it is, QUALITY OF SLEEP is the important factor, the number of hours you spend in deep sleep.

I then looked for products that promote deep sleep but without any other negative side effects. So I looked out for a natural product. I soon found out about medicinal mushrooms and the Reishi Mushroom in specific.

It works like a charm! I drink the Reishi tonic about two hours before bedtime, I fall asleep quickly, sleep better and wake up refreshed even with only 6 hours of sleep. So basically my days are now two hours longer AND I am more awake and productive!

If you’re checking for what I consider to be the best natural treatment for better sleep and stress relief, see my review at

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